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Why do Stuntmen choose Hands On Health for their Regular Chiropractic Care?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

At Hands On Health Chiropractic we know that Each, and Every-Body benefits from regular Chiropractic Care, even for stuntmen; whether we seek to Expand our Consciousness, Enhance our Human Performance, or Increase our Ability to Resist and Recover from Illness or Injury. We believe that all people are entitled to perform with a Clear, Fully-functional Neuro-Spinal System, so they may express a Greater Potential for Health, Healing, Well-Being, and Success in all aspects of Life.

As part of our Stay Stoked Project we’ve taken the opportunity to share just how some of our regular Practice Member’s lives are enhanced by the care they receive at Hands On Health Chiropractic.

We have the opportunity to serve clients from diverse backgrounds with varying needs for Regular Chiropractic Care. Some of the most unique may be the driving instructors, stuntmen, and motorcycle coaches. Afterall, it’s not every day that someone calmly walks into the office and states that, “oh yeah, yesterday I rolled a truck over.” Or “Spend the afternoon falling down the stairs.”

When we asked a motorcycle riding instructor how she perceived the benefits of her Regular Chiropractic Care she stated that, “It just allowed her to be her Physical, Mental, and Emotional Best, which could mean someone’s health and safety.”

We usually don’t have to convince people who fall down the stairs for a living why getting adjusted is a good idea, but if you know someone who incurs frequent impacts professionally, please send them our way. We can probably help!




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