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Why do Musicians choose Hands On Health for their Regular Chiropractic Care?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

At Hands On Health Chiropractic we know that Each, and Every-Body benefits from regular Chiropractic Care; whether we seek to Expand our Consciousness, Enhance our Human Performance, or Increase our Ability to Resist and Recover from Illness or Injury. We believe that all people are entitled to perform with a Clear, Fully-functional Neuro-Spinal System, so they may express a Greater Potential for Health, Healing, Well-Being, and Success in all aspects of Life.

As part of our Stay Stoked Project, we’ve taken the opportunity to share just how some of our regular Practice Member’s lives are enhanced by the care they receive at Hands On Health Chiropractic.

We love music, and love caring or musicians. Aside from getting to discuss, share, and explore new music and equipment musicians understand the relationship between Tension and Tone. Ask any string or percussion player about what happens to their instrument when the tension becomes unbalanced and we all know that it doesn’t vibrate the same. The body works in a very similar manner. When we become unbalanced, our tissues experience tension, and fail to perform as intended. In addition to the stresses of daily life, musicians are also saddled with hauling gear, long drives, late nights, heavy guitars, and all sorts of bumps along the way.

When we asked one of our regular practice members how their care enhances their musical offerings he simply stated that, “Regular Adjustments allow him to feel and perform optimally in all facets of life.”

If you or someone in your life is a musician we’d love to connect and share the benefits of spinal maintenance and tunings to keep the body’s structure as balanced and well performing as their instruments.




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