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Why do Athletes choose Hands On Health for their Regular Chiropractic Care?

Updated: Jan 18

At Hands On Health Chiropractic we know that Each, and Every-Body benefits from regular Chiropractic Care; whether we seek to Expand our Consciousness, Enhance our Human Performance, or Increase our Ability to Resist and Recover from Illness or Injury. We believe that all people are entitled to perform with a Clear, Fully-functional Neuro-Spinal System, so they may express a Greater Potential for Health, Healing, Well-Being, and Success in all aspects of Life.

As part of our Stay Stoked Project we’ve taken the opportunity to share just how some of our regular Practice Member’s lives are enhanced by the care they receive at Hands On Health Chiropractic.

Many athletes from amateurs to professional champions engage regular Chiropractic Care for a variety of reasons. Some do so to gain a competitive edge, others to shorten recovery time, and still others receive chiropractic care for better focus and clarity of mind. In serving our community we see many athletes, including some nationally competitive powerlifters who have shared a little bit about their care at Hands on Health both in and out of the competitive arena. Like many of our clientele these individuals appreciate our unique and personalized approach to their care, specific benefits to mobility, and one practice member even stated that his training “Exploded” over the course of initiating his weekly care.

Maintaining balanced biomechanics, and ideal mobility makes a lot of sense for most athletes, but becomes amplified when there’s a few hundred pounds at play. We’re happy to serve athletes of all activities, ages, and skill levels because at the end of the day, match, or game each and every body deserves to be and give their very best!

If you or a family member is an athlete, we’d love to learn more about their sport or activity and discuss how regular, straightforward Chiropractic Care may benefit them both in and out of their chosen activity.




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