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What are the Benefits of being Regular with your Chiropractic Care?

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

As our regular readers know, we’re incredibly proud to make regular, specific chiropractic care available through our monthly membership programs. As a matter of fact, we feel so strongly about the importance of regular Chiropractic Care that we strive to provide access to the same weekly care that our own family receives available to everyone in our community!

Regular Chiropractic Care and Better Health go hand in hand for a number of reasons:

The state and function of our Nervous System is directly linked to our Health. We deserve our GREATEST Expression of our Innate Potential for Health & Life. Including:

  • an optimized capacity for Healing, Defense, and overall Performance.

  • receiving the maximum value from Exercise, Rest, and Food.

  • experiencing clearer thinking, better concentration, and maximum earning potential.

  • healthy relationships with ourselves, our community, and the world around us.

Stress is Consistent & Persistent in our Lives:

  • For many of us simply being born is our first exposure to Stress, but as long as we live, we are bombarded with Physical, Chemical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Financial, and many other forms of Stress.

  • Simple tasks like counteracting the effects of gravity, regulating our body temperature, defending against germs, and digesting meals all require energy and may be Stressful on the body.

Nerves are responsible for everything we experience and control; Everything that each cell in the body does at all times.

  • Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, Hearing, Vibration, Temperature, Acceleration, Movement, Pressure, even Pain perception.

  • Muscle coordination, Breathing, Digestion, Immune function, Hormone Secretion, Energy Management, Emotional Processing, Behavior, Mood, & much, much, much, more.

The collective effects of the Stress in our Lives cause Spinal Subluxations

  • Subluxations interfere with our Nerves by restricting the Quantity and Quality of information that any Nerve in the body may carry.

  • This represents the most serious interference to the body’s ability to function that we know of!

We are constantly replacing 300 BILLION Cells each day!

  • Subluxations interfere with our ability to make better, healthier cells

  • There is NO other way to HEAL or create Healthy Living Tissues

Interference ALWAYS results in Altered Function causing:

  • Reduced Health & an overall Decreased Potential for Living

  • Spinal Cord Tension

  • Decreased resistance to Illness

  • Compromised potential for all body activities

  • Uncoordinated Spinal Reflexes

  • Lack of Mechanical Balance

  • Limited Mobility / Muscle Fiber Engagement

  • Limited Input and Irregular Pain Perception

  • Scar Tissue development in Muscles, Ligaments, & Discs.

Symptoms are a poor indicator of Subluxation. Why we can’t wait until…

  • Symptoms are rarely present on the beginning of an issue, more often they are alerting us to the fact that something has been affected long enough to get our attention (years)

  • The Brain stops alerting us when things do not change

Dr. Tyler C. White, Chiropractor, located in Brick, NJ

Dr. Tyler serves the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience, addressing every client’s unique situation with the professional knowledge and tools that are most appropriate. At Hands On Health Chiropractic in Ocean County, New Jersey, people receive hope and inspiration; they are listened to and cared for with love and respect. People of all ages, from newborns to great-grandparents, those who are well and those who strive to be healthy, enjoy our service. We invite everyone to visit our office, join us for an orientation or Health Talk, and witness how Chiropractic facilitates optimal performance. Call 732-710-7403 for an appointment and experience the far-reaching benefits of the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience TODAY!


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