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Practice Member Spotlight: Jane

Updated: Feb 6

At Hands On Health, we know that sometimes when we pursue better health, our path is our destination, because there is no limit to what it means to express Health. A healing journey, much like a wave in the ocean has highs and lows; as life places trauma, stresses, and challenges in our path. This gives us all the more reason to take a moment and acknowledge where we’ve been and just how far we’ve come.

Jane, practice member for Hands on Health

Meet Jane, she was introduced to Chiropractic Care while living in North Carolina in the 90’s, and upon moving back to NJ saw 4 other Chiropractors before finding our practice, because, as she put it, “We don’t just adjust the spine but work with the individual’s whole body, mind, and spirit.” At that time, in September of 2014, her life had been overcome by stress. She had been sleeping in a hospital chair while overseeing and advocating for her mother’s care. Over the years, I’ve come to know Jane’s entire family as an extension of my own, having shared many of life’s ups and downs with one another.

We celebrated when Jane was able to sleep in a bed again and supported her as she cared for those around her. For Jane, her body’s whispers became an undeniable scream in September of 2018 when her level of health reached a state in which she was clinically expressing signs and symptoms of diabetes. It’s when her journey intensified; in addition to her regular Chiropractic Care, Jane became determined and began educating herself, changed her diet, increased her level of activity, changed her mindset, and much more. She began nurturing herself with the raw materials that her body required to rebuild its self in a state of Health, and as a result, in October of 2019, she was no longer expressing measurable signs of diabetes. We’re celebrating Jane’s progress because millions of people are diagnosed with diabetes every year and most of their stories don’t end like hers.

Jane and Hands on Health

One of the most amazing things about the Human body is its ability to regenerate its self. We turn over 50 Million Cells every minute with each type of cell in our body having their own unique life span. A stomach cell, for example, lives for 2 days, and a red blood cell, for 120. When we make choices to be healthier, just like leaves on a tree, our body begins to replace all those old cells with New, Healthier, Livelier, Better ones!

Regular Chiropractic Care assures that each one of the 50 million cells we create every minute will perform in precise accordance with the body’s dynamic needs. Dr. Tyler would love the opportunity to help you actualize a fuller expression of Health and a greater potential for Life with regular Chiropractic Care, from the inside out by helping you connect to your own source of Life and limitless potential for Healing from within.

Dr. Tyler White Serving the Jersey Shore with Chiropractic Care

Dr. Tyler C. White is committed to providing regular Chiropractic Care in a manner that is accessible to every-body. Since 2009, Dr. Tyler has served thousands of people with varying needs. As a chiropractor, he values understanding, quality, and thoroughness, addressing every individual’s needs in a manner that is both gentle and honoring. Schedule an appointment today and experience the far-reaching benefits of the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience! Contact us at 732-710-7403.


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