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Our Own World Within.

From Chiropractic, Amazing Isn’t it?

From our human perspective, we are blind to vast reaches of reality. Mysteries lie all around us, even within us. Just as a journey to the moon may show us the daintiness of our planet, a venture into the miniscule can be a true voyage of discovery.

An exploration of the Human System should probably start with the nerve system, for that great mass of cells and fibers contain the pathways which determine what is uniquely Human in our nature. The nerve system can be regarded as a complex computer, and its components are the nerve cells or neurons. An enormous number of neurons are needed to participate in this process we call life.

The Innate Intelligence of the body uses the human brain to generate energy which is sent down the spinal cord as impulses going through and over the nerve fibers which constantly nurture the organs, glands, and systems of the body. The nerve system is protected by a column of bones called the vertebral column. Like any system, things may go awry and the body can begin to perform improperly. Fortunately, the body has so many back-up devices and such a vast capacity that it can take a lot and still balance its oxygen and food, its salts and water, and its hot and cold.

Due to the high flexibility of the human vertebral column some of the vertebra may become displaced and interfere with the nerve system. When this happens, we say that the body has a Vertebral Subluxation and is not expressing its Innate Potential. Subluxations create a state of dis-ease or malfunction. What the body requires then, is a Chiropractic Adjustment to restore the mechanical integrity of the nerve system allowing the body to return to a state of ease wherein it experiences a greater expression of its Innate Potential marked by more proper performance of all physiological processes.

If the body does not receive the required adjustment, it may develop an energetic imbalance causing problems with the body’s ability to balance its oxygen and food, water and salts, or its hot and cold; in other words, an inability to balance the body’s own chemistry. Given enough time, human performance will decrease which can show up in a multitude of physical, physiological, psychological, and even spiritual ways.

Chiropractic provides a program of regular spinal checkups for the entire family and if Vertebral Subluxations are found in someone, they are corrected with specific adjustments. As a result, we experience a better expression of the Innate Intelligence of the body in everyone receiving Chiropractic Care!

Dr. Tyler C. White, Chiropractor, located in Brick, NJ

Dr. Tyler serves the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience, addressing every client’s unique situation with the professional knowledge and tools that are most appropriate. At Hands On Health Chiropractic in Ocean County, New Jersey, people receive hope and inspiration; they are listened to and cared for with love and respect. People of all ages, from newborns to great-grandparents, those who are well and those who strive to be healthy, enjoy our service. We invite everyone to visit our office, join us for an orientation or Health Talk, and witness how Chiropractic facilitates optimal performance. Call 732-710-7403 for an appointment and experience the far-reaching benefits of the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience TODAY!


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