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Glossary of Chiropractic Terms

Updated: Mar 8

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Commonly Used Chiropractic Terms

Adjustment - Chiropractic Adjustments may be performed in a number of ways, they involve the specific application of an internal or external force to a bone for the purpose of restoring its mechanical integrity and clearing the Nervous System of any associated interference. Chiropractic Adjustments have an incredible capacity to facilitate the body’s innate potential for Health, Healing, and Well-Being.

Chiropractic - Chiropractic is not a substitute or alternative form of treatment for any condition, it is a unique approach to Health, Life, Healing, and Well-Being. The practice of Chiropractic is founded on the understanding that our life is both experienced and coordinated through our Nervous System, and that interference in this coordination results in a diminished level of Health and a reduced expression of our Innate potential for Living.

Clear - Clear describes a Nervous System which is free from the effects of subluxation, and is functioning properly. This may not be synonymous with being free from pain, but sometimes the presence of symptoms and discomfort is a sign that our body is working properly. Dr Tyler’s intention is that, by remaining clear we may become increasingly conscious of how our actions affect ourselves and the world around us.

Coccyx - Our coccyx is the lowest portion of our spine, and is commonly referred to as our Tailbone. It forms from four preliminary spinal segments which fuse together as we mature.

Consultation - At Hands On Health a consultation may take numerous forms; a phone call to address questions, a scheduled visit to review current developments, or even an e-mail. Dr Tyler believes that serving the exceptional Chiropractic experience includes having direct access to our staff when you need us!

Cranium - Our skull is made up of Twenty-Two bones; Fourteen of which are considered facial bones, and eight which make up the back of the head or Cranium.

Dis-ease - This refers to a literal lack of ease within the body, and should not be confused with a diagnosed disease state. If we are living with Subluxation induced interference to our Nervous System we will be functioning less than our best, whether we feel the effects or not, this state is described as Dis-ease.

Disease - Disease states are generally marked by unpleasant symptoms and develop when our level of health reaches a point where the body can not adequately regulate itself. Disease may result from an overload of environmental stress, an inability to neutralize an germ that we encounter, or through a degenerative process over time. Regardless of whether or not disease is present, we believe that every-body deserves a clear, fully functioning nervous system.

Disc - The spine contains 23 Intervertebral Discs, which lie between the vertebrae, or bones of the spine. Our spinal discs act like small shock absorbers to dampen the effects of being upright, they allow us to move, and their outer layers are comprised of ligament. Disc injuries are common, but like all other injuries have the potential to heal as an expression of our body’s innate potential for living.

Evaluation/Examination - In our practice we prefer to use the chiropractic term Evaluation to describe our process of getting acquainted, learning about your personal history, checking your spine for the presence of Subluxations, and determining the most appropriate way to adjust you. We try not to think of health as an Exam which way be passed or failed, there is no grading, no midterm or final, just better Health for a more vibrant Life!

Health - Our level of Health describes how well any-body is expressing their innate potential for living. We may measure this by how well we fulfill the processes necessary for living (Digestion, Excretion, Respiration, Adaptation, Etc.) but also by our capacity to Live during the time we have to do so.

Immune System - Our Immune System is a network of different cells, tissues, proteins, and organs which serve to keep us safe from the countless microbes that we encounter each and every day. Our immune system is under the direct control of our Nervous System, which means our Immune System Function is directly affected when subluxations are present.

Interference - Interference, in the chiropractic sense, refers to the way subluxations affect our Nervous System. Research has shown us that the weight of a quarter ($.25) on an exposed spinal nerve can reduce 80% of the information the nerve may carry. Generally speaking interference affects us like a dimmer switch; the greater the restriction of information, the more pronounced the effect. Individuals who experience paralysis are an extreme example of this; if no information flows, we experience no function.

Joint - A joint refers to the union of 2 bones and may be mobile or immobile. We always administer adjustments in a manner that is congruent with the associated joint’s inherent geometry, planes of motion, and mechanics.

Ligament - Ligaments are soft tissue structures which supply joints with passive stability. Ligaments attach to the bones which oppose any given joint, and restrict the motion to prevent injury. Ligaments are not under our voluntary control.

Manipulation - Manipulation refers to a non-specific application of force to the body. People may be manipulated for various reasons by an array of individuals; Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Osteopath, Trainers, and more. What separates a Chiropractic Adjustment from a manipulation is the intention. Specific Chiropractic Adjustments seek to remove interference from the Nervous System for the full expression of any individual's innate potential for Health, Life, Healing, and Well-Being.

Medicine - The practice of medicine is commonly referred to as the management and treatment of symptoms. While this may be performed by many means it is not synonymous with the practice of Chiropractic. Objective, Non-Therapeutic Chiropractic Care is concerned with the restoration of Health and Healing for the full expression of Life, not merely the management of disease.

Membership - At Hands on Health, Membership means Access. This revolutionary approach to health care strays from the standard fee for service paradigm and makes regular chiropractic care more affordable and accessible for everyone. Much like the membership to your local gym we offer specific personalized chiropractic at an affordable flat monthly rate because we believe that everyone deserves to have a clear, fully functioning nervous system. The best part is that insurance is never needed to receive care in our office, so our members don’t have to worry about annual deductibles, Copays, or ever getting “Cut off” from care.

Musculoskeletal - Musculoskeletal refers to the collective contents of our Muscular and Skeletal Systems. Due to the intimate relationship between the two systems it is difficult to affect one without the other, and we may use this term to describe the complex effects which result from subluxations.

Nerves - Nerves carry signals between our brain and our body. These signals may result from the sensations we perceive, or control how different parts of our body operate. When Nerves experience interference their capacity to convey these signals becomes reduced, and our body begins to function in a state of Dis-ease.

Nervous System - We experience and coordinate Life over the 45 Miles of Nerve Tissue which makes up our Nervous System. While our Central Nervous System is made up of the Brain and Spinal Cord, the Peripheral Nervous System is compiled of everything else. The function of our Nervous System is tied so closely to that of our spine it is nearly impossible to affect one without the other, so Dr Tyler likes to refer to this as our Neuro-Spinal System.

Proactive Care - Proactive care encompases all the things that we do to keep well, even when symptoms are absent. Things like Exercise, Hydration, and even Brushing our Teeth are proactive investments in our Health and our Future. Regular Chiropractic Care is no different, and is one of the most significant investments in our future that we can make.

Subluxations - Subluxations represent an inability to maintain the body’s internal alignment or infrastructure. Subluxations have a direct effect on the Nervous System and may form as the result of Imbalance, Injuries, Trauma, Compensation, Physical Anomalies, and countless forms of Physical, Chemical, Mental, and Emotional Stress. They compromise the way we move, generate force, distribute our weight, and result in inflammation and interference which further affects our ability to function properly.

Symptom - Symptoms, while often unpleasant, are the language of the body. When our health is depleted symptoms will develop and provide clues as to how we may better support ourselves. Despite being unpleasant the presence of symptoms frequently tells us that our bodies are working properly. After all, no one likes waking up to the smoke alarm blaring, but it is vastly superior to the alternative.

Technique - There are many Chiropractic approaches to analyzing and adjusting subluxations. Within the profession we frequently refer to these as different techniques. Techniques may be based on a particular teaching, philosophy, or understanding of how the body responds to stress. Given any-body’s unique nature and history a Chiropractor may find one technique to be more or less appropriate than another at any given time.

Therapy - Therapy refers to the application of an external force for the purpose of managing symptoms. Therapy may take on many forms; Psycho-Therapy, Nutritional-Therapy, Physical-Therapy, Hormone-Therapy, etc. Objective Chiropractic Care seeks to remove Nervous System interference to facilitate true biological Healing from the inside out.

Toxicity - Toxicity refers to a state of being where the body can no longer function as it was intended to. This may be influenced by people around us, food choices, home and body products, and even the chemicals that we absorb unintentionally.

Vitalistic - Vital refers to living things, and more specifically the vital life force which drives the continued expression of our innate capacity to live. Chiropractic was founded on a vitalistic philosophy, and the understanding that for as long as we are alive, our bodies will adapt and heal to sustain ourselves; doing so through the highly coordinated function of our Nervous System.

Wellness - Wellness is a state of being which describes making regular investments in the preservation and amplification of any-body’s given level of Health. The pursuit of Wellness drives individuals to be their best regardless of the circumstances and is the antithesis of illness, since illness develops when the body can no longer handle its environmental stressors. As we assemble more and more pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of health, a clearer picture of Wellness begins to emerge.

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