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Chiropractic for Better Sexual Health

Updated: Apr 9

A diagram of how the sperm cell and egg cell going through fertilization

We enter this world pre-paired with everything we need to be healthy, including sexual health. Most simply put, the objective of non-therapeutic Chiropractic Care is the removal of interference and preservation of each and every-body’s Innate Potential for Health, Healing, and Living. As a result, many people have positive experiences as countless conditions, syndromes, and ailments Heal from the inside out. When I read testimonials from people whose sex lives return after beginning Chiropractic Care it makes perfect sense.

What better way to fully express our Innate potential for Health and Life than by effectively carrying out the action necessary for the propagation of Life. Whether this shift comes as the result of better hormone balance, improved blood flow, or decreased mechanical interference is irrelevant. Healthy Function and Life return, when we get Clear and give ourselves the time and materials necessary to, well….. Heal.

Chiropractic is about facilitating the Greatest Expression of our Innate potential for LIFE!

We understand that the presence of our Life Force is paramount for expressing the actions and activities congruent with living. After all, only living things Breath, Heal, Digest, Excrete, and Reproduce. For as long as we are alive, this unseen Force drives our body’s Innate Intelligence to maintain our system in an active, organized state, for our continued existence. For example, our Innate Intelligence controls the way we digest and assimilate our food into new cells, tissues, and organs for our continued expression of Life through the act of Healing, which takes place optimally in a state of Health. Despite explaining this objective as clearly as possible, sometimes science and technology gives us still and moving images which speak volumes.

What we see in the video from Northwestern University is a visual representation that this unseen Force, this Energy, is present at conception. In the instant of fertilization, visible energy is released and the potential for the nature of LIFE exists! However, this embryo must first be nurtured for roughly 40 weeks before fully expressing its Innate potential as a viable human fetus which enters the world fully formed, immediately carrying out the actions necessary for Living. How do newborns know how to feed? How to poop? When to cry? Simple, it’s Innate.


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