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What’s Our Health Worth?

To start, lets come up with some sort of definition for Health. Many of you have heard me say, “I think Health is best used like a unit of measure to describe how well we’re living, or more specifically how well we’re expressing our potential for Life.” After all, from the time of conception we have the potential to Live, if things go well, we express that potential by continuing to live. The Healthier we are, the better we live, right?

What is a Healthy (ie: efficient, living, healing, growing) body worth? Most of us would say that our Health, and body are Invaluable; even though we are made mostly of water (Hydrogen and Oxygen). Additionally, we’re comprised of some minerals; iron, carbon, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and an assortment of other elements that the Innate Intelligence of the body has assembled into all the parts and pieces that we’ve come to know and love. If we took this simplified shopping list to the Chemistry supply store, many of us would be shocked to find that these raw materials cast about $.98! That’s right, try telling parents of a newborn baby that if we broke their child down to its simplest materials their child wouldn’t even be “worth” a buck.

Fortunately, we don’t exist in our simplest state. Blood, for example, is made of the same few elements listed above, but the 8 pints in your body are highly valued. Interferon is produced as part of the immune system, but is being sold commercially for millions of dollars an ounce. Even Insulin has been assigned an ever-increasing dollar value. How would you, or someone with diabetes, Value the exact right amount of insulin for an individual’s body at any given moment?

Even though every substance in your body is made of the same simple elements, what makes them worth so much more than a dollar? It is the Human Body’s Innate Intelligence which transforms these simple universal substances into chemical compounds, fluids, and tissues worth millions of dollars. This is the same Intelligence that regulates breathing, coordinates digestion, and has organized every cell in your body to work each and every day since your conception.

Chiropractic is different from other healing approaches because it works to remove the interference so this intelligence may continue to regulate and maintain the body in a state of continued Health. Regular Chiropractic care is a valuable investment in the continued expression for Health & Life regardless of any hurdles, stresses, or speed bumps that life may place in our path.

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