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What’s a Cough All About?

Updated: May 6, 2019

A number of weeks ago I ran across this article from the New York Times, and was pretty happy to find that their conclusions found over the counter Cough Syrup to be completely ineffective for stopping coughs, and in many cases dangerous to young children. I was even happier to see them find that Honey, is in fact, MORE Effective than over the counter cough medications!

I believe that we can benefit from using the Chiropractic perspective to expand upon this discussion a little bit!

  • First, there was no mention of why we Cough in the first place.

Whether we like it or not we take in BILLIONS of bacteria, particles, dust, dirt, and debris every time we take a breath! The Innate Intelligence of our body is prepared for this virtual onslaught with some pretty awesome and effective defenses. Our Trachea and Bronchi are lined with special cells which produce mucus and are covered with tiny little hairs. The mucus traps all the dirt, debris, and bacteria, and the hairs sweep them out of the airway like a little escalator at the rate of about 1 inch per minute! When this material reaches a certain point, we may Cough it out, at a rate of 60 miles per hour!

  • When we are in a compromised state the Innate Intelligence of the body works to limit our exposure to more potentially harmful things. It “closes the front door” by swelling up our sinuses, and by making extra mucus to catch anything else that may make it through. It only makes sense for us to cough more when we’re less than our best in order to KEEP the Airway Clear, Keep the microbes and debris OUT, and to Prevent this junk from getting into our lungs where it may prevent an even bigger issue.

  • Coughs also generate Friction in our lungs! Ever feel warm and a little sore after a serious coughing fit? All that forceful expansion and contraction pumps extra Blood, Lymph, and Immune Cells into the lungs where they’re needed the MOST in order to keep us well!

I know it sucks when we don’t feel our best, and it may be scary when our little one’s are not themselves, but think twice before reaching for the Mucinex, Decongestants, or Cough Suppressants. These things are designed to bypass the way your body was designed to maintain itself in a state of Health. When we choose to remove the mucous, or suppress our cough so we can Feel Better we may be opening the door to prolong our experience, and ignore everything that our body’s been working to achieve.

Most Importantly: Have your spine checked regularly for Spinal Subluxations. Our air isn’t getting any cleaner, and Subluxations have a direct effect on our Immune System, and the ability of our entire body to function.

The Chiropractic Perspective is unique in acknowledging the body’s Innate Intelligence, and seeking ONLY to remove any interference to its ability to coordinate the body to maintain a state of continued Health and Healing.

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