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You’ve Never “Caught” a Cold

It’s hard to believe that in 2018, with all of our advancements in technology and science we’re still attributing our seasonal fluctuations in health to obscure events, bad luck, or the belief that “something must be going around.” You and I have never “Caught” a cold, nor has a BUG ever been so pervasive that a Healthy-Body just becomes over-run by a “trojan-horse” of germs which it encounters every day.

To be honest, Cold-Viruses are as common as the air we breathe; as a matter of fact, the air is laden with so many microbes that they regularly live in our nose, mouth, and throat, which are designed to protect us against them. In the best-case scenario, these surfaces are covered with tiny hairs and a thin layer of mucous. This TRAPS Germs as they enter us like flypaper, then our internal environment stops them from replicating long enough for the tiny hairs to sweep them into our stomach where they’re destroyed by our stomach acid. Maintaining this environment relies on subtle interactions between temperature and blood flow to keep trapping and destroying the germs that we’re exposed to each and every time we take a breath.

So how do we “Catch” Colds? We know that certain factors such as fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, inadequate hydration, anxiety, and poor food choices all encourage the development of Spinal Subluxations which change the way our Nervous System (and Entire Body) Functions. As you know, Subluxations affect our body’s ability to adapt to the stresses in our life, which affects our throat, changing its environment to become a little cooler, dryer, and less acidic. This allows Viruses to penetrate our defenses, reproduce, and take up residence in our bodies.

Therefore, if we want to STOP a cold, we MUST change the environment, which is exactly what our bodies do… Things we experience like a runny nose, sore throat, stuffy head, and even a fever are all signs that our body is working to restore its defenses and deploy its inherent healing forces.

When our Immune System starts attacking a Virus, we begin to experience all the signs and symptoms that we associate with having a cold. Our mucus membranes begin to release Histamine causing our blood vessels in the area to enlarge, allowing more fluid to reach the affected tissues. Special cells begin to create more mucus to trap more germs, but it can’t easily flow through the swollen sinus passages, and commonly runs from our nose. In the throat this response stimulates nerves and makes us cough to clear our air passage and keep our lungs from inhaling the offending germs. This also triggers us to sneeze, keeping the front doors of the body clear from additional intruders all while ridding ourselves of infection in the process.

Next time you cough or sniffle, don’t just get frustrated that you’re feeling less than your best. Instead, take a moment to consider all the amazing things about your body that are working perfectly to keep you Healthy! Most importantly, remember to keep yourself well-Adjusted, because keeping your Spine & Nervous System Clear allows our Body to do everything that keeps us WELL!

Dr. Tyler C. White, Chiropractor, located in Brick, NJ

Dr. Tyler serves the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience, addressing every client’s unique situation with the professional knowledge and tools that are most appropriate. At Hands On Health Chiropractic in Ocean County, New Jersey, people receive hope and inspiration; they are listened to and cared for with love and respect. People of all ages, from newborns to great-grandparents, those who are well and those who strive to be healthy, enjoy our service. We invite everyone to visit our office, join us for an orientation or Health Talk, and witness how Chiropractic facilitates optimal performance. Call 732-710-7403 for an appointment and experience the far-reaching benefits of the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience TODAY!

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