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Top Tips and Recommendations for Your Child’s Backpack

Updated: May 9

A child smiling wearing a proper child's backpack

As parents, we only want to absolute best for our children. That why at Hands On Health Chiropractic in Brick, NJ, we emphasize the importance of children getting regular Chiropractic adjustments, regardless of pain or symptoms.

Why? Because when a child’s nervous system is free and clear of interference, their body and brain functions at their best! This can mean better sleep, improved moods, and strengthened immunity, too just name a few. (Remember, the central nervous system is responsible for carrying all the messages between the brain and body. Visit our previous blog on Chiro-Kids and the Chiro Kids section on our website for more information.)

It is a busy time for both parents and kids as Back to School preparations are in full swing! One area that may get overlooked is backpack safety. Your child will be wearing their backpack 5 days a week for extended periods over the next 10 months!! Therefore, it is important to ensure the backpack fits properly. Here’s our top tips and recommendations to help:

  • Backpacks should not exceed 10-15% of a child’s total body weight

  • Properly adjusted backpacks will distribute 80% of the load to the waist and 20% to the shoulders

  • A backpack should span from 2 inches below the shoulder to 2-4 inches above the waist and fit snugly to the spine

  • Backpacks should not be wider than the shoulders or taller than the child when they are seated

  • Always use both hands and bend at the knees, not the waist, when picking up a heavy backpack

  • Do not swing or throw the backpack on with excessive or unnecessary speed, force, or momentum

  • Always use both backpack straps and any additional waist or chest straps to help distribute the load safely and evenly

You may be wondering, is this really that important? Yes! Improper backpack positioning leads to altered posture, creating stress on the spine that can impact spinal discs, as well as the shoulders and knees.

All of this leads us back to where we started…The importance of having your child’s spine regularly adjusted! Hands On Health welcomes you and your family to visit our practice. Dr. Tyler will be happy to adjust your child’s spine and backpack at your next visit.

Dr. Tyler White Serving the Jersey Shore with Chiropractic Care

Dr. Tyler C. White is committed to providing regular Chiropractic Care in a manner that is accessible to every-body. Since 2009, Dr. Tyler has served thousands of people with varying needs. As a chiropractor, he values understanding, quality, and thoroughness, addressing every individual’s needs in a manner that is both gentle and honoring. Schedule an appointment today and experience the far-reaching benefits of the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience! Contact us at 732-710-7403.

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