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How Does An Instant Change Our Lives?

It happens to us all whether we're kids on the playground, or presenting to our peers at work. Inevitably, stress has the ability to shape how we feel, and more importantly who we grow into. Whether we experience a physical trauma which may leave us scarred or even disfigured our exposure to mental and emotional trauma has the ability to produce effects that last just as long. Fortunately, the moments that create lasting impressions on our brain can be positive ones as well! For parents, having a child redefines their existence, and while this event may add all sorts of unforeseen stress it also stimulates our being in a way we've never experienced. This results from an intense stimulation of our Nervous System eliciting cascades of chemical reactions, and lodging the perception of an instant in our memory as the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we experience.

I clearly remember how feelings of embarrassment in specific instances during my adolescence changed the way I engaged in similar situations thereafter. I began to develop an invisible armor to protect myself in the future, creating subconscious "filters" within my own Nervous System; it's like rewriting a computer code. When the Nervous System perceives X, respond by doing Y, eventually these filters began to drive the development of personality traits which I exemplified as a young adult and to some degree still do. For others this very real distortion may cause us to live in the past, the future, in fear, defensive, apprehensive or in any other altered mode of operation. Through the process of spinal adjusting, and the subsequent clearing of the Nervous System, we are able to heal. Not just from the physical, but from the accumulated effects of mental, emotional, and chemical stress as well. The thinner the armor, the more rapidly the process of transformation to express our potential for life may be. By becoming and remaining CLEAR we have the ability to experience the world as child, without preformed judgement, fear, hang-ups, or expectations. We develop the ability to live in the now, integrating and adapting to stimuli as we experience an attunement to the present moment. Chiropractic aligns the physical with the spiritual for the totality of our life expression. It reconnects us with ourselves and brings Harmony and Unity to Humanity.

Dr. Tyler White Serving the Jersey Shore with Chiropractic Care

Dr. Tyler C. White is committed to providing regular Chiropractic Care in a manner that is accessible to every-body. Since 2009, Dr. Tyler has served thousands of people with varying needs. As a chiropractor, he values understanding, quality, and thoroughness, addressing every individual’s needs in a manner that is both gentle and honoring. Schedule an appointment today and experience the far-reaching benefits of the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience! Contact us at 732-710-7403.

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