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Is Chiropractic Right for You?

Since its inception in 1895, chiropractic has championed a unique philosophy of health and healing; a paradigm emphasizing the body’s innate potential for Health anchored by a practice designed to facilitate the expression this potential. Let’s take a look and see how chiropractic compares with some of America’s most popular approaches to better health.

Exploring Your Options

  • Conventional Medicine - Most often we seek Health Care when we’re hurt or sick. Therefore, much of conventional Medicine seeks to figure out what’s going on (Diagnose), establish a plan of action (Treatment), and monitor the progression or resolution the symptoms of your illness (Manage). As we age our family doctor may monitor certain signs and symptoms to determine the likelihood of our potential to develop certain issues and disease. This is called Preventative Medicine.

  • Drugs - In the practice of Medicine doctors commonly prescribe Pharmaceutical Drugs. Drugs may be used to moderate a symptom like Pain, or treat a chronic symptom like High Blood Pressure. Drugs may even be used in an emergency to slow the effects of a serious event such as a stroke or heart attack. Since the application of most pharmaceuticals centers around the treatment and management of symptoms this approach is called Pharmaceutical Medicine. This approach comes with an unknown, since pharmaceuticals have multiple effects and some may be undesirable.

  • Surgery - Doctors of conventional medicine generally recommend Surgery when they believe that the body’s inherent healing capacity has been exceeded or when a part of the body has become problematic for one reason or another. This may be due to a degenerative process, a toxicity, or even a progressive disease. Surgery is irreversible, and while the procedure may be successful there is no telling how far reaching the effects of any irreversible intervention may be, but we are guaranteed that the body will Never be the same.

  • Physical Therapy - Physical Therapy is a rapidly growing field, and represents a conservative / non-surgical approach to the management of physical complaints and rehabilitation following a serious illness, intervention, or surgery. Since Physical Therapists generally use physical means in their diagnosis, treatment, and management of Recovery and Healing we call this Physical Medicine.

  • Massage - Massage is a very old practice with an incredibly broad application. Some practitioners employ their art as a part in the Conventional Health Care System for the management and/or resolution of physical ailments, which may appropriately be described as a form of Physical Medicine. However, one need not be hurt or ill to receive and benefit from Massage which can include relaxation, enhanced circulation, detoxification, enhanced digestion, increased mobility, and in some cases even balanced energy among the body’s systems. Regular massage offers us a means of Enhanced Health, Preventative Medicine, an approach to Wellness by helping the body function better, even if there isn’t anything wrong.

  • Acupuncture - Acupuncture is another discipline with a broad scope of practice. Based in eastern philosophy this practice is concerned with the Flow of Chi through the Meridian System of the body. It is understood that if the Meridian System does not remain clear the effects will be perceived in the body’s functions. This may involve the development of disease, the manifestation of symptoms, or even an inability to adapt to environmental changes, and in this sense, acupuncture may be applied as a form of Natural or Holistic Medicine. However, when used regularly Acupuncture represents a Vitalistic Practice concerned with the body functioning as well as possible.

  • Yoga - Yoga is another ancient practice with far reaching benefits. Most people associate Yoga with the physical practice or Asanas and therefore understand it to be some sort of exercise. While yoga does work with through Muscululo-Skeletal System the benefits far exceed those of exercise. Yoga postures are designed and may be sequenced to align the energetic Chakra System, stimulate certain organs, enhance circulation, increase detoxification, and act as a moving meditation by engaging specific muscles, maintaining postures, breathing, and being. While many people seek yoga as a form of exercise and for the management of certain physical ailments a regular practice also represents a Vitalistic Approach to a healthier, more well balanced life.

  • Chiropractic - The Chiropractic objective aims align the spine for the sole purpose of removing interference to the Nervous System. Chiropractic philosophy is founded on the understanding that when the Nervous System’s communication is moderated there will be subsequent effects on the way our body functions. Objective chiropractic does not seek to diagnose or manage any specific condition or ailment, but seeks to facilitate the greatest expression of one’s innate capacity for Health, Healing, Well-Being, and Living; regardless of the circumstances. In this regard Chiropractic represents a truly Vitalistic approach to Health, but much like acupuncture and massage may be used as part of a treatment protocol once a conventional diagnosis has been established, and in such an instance would exemplify a form of Physical Medicine.

Chiropractic Care in Brick, New Jersey

Dr. Tyler C. White specializes in Traditional Chiropractic and various low force approaches to analyze and address areas of altered physiologic tone within the body. This innovative approach is founded on an intimate understanding of the Neuro-Spinal system so it may be addressed from a state of peace and ease allowing the adjustment to be fully integrated throughout the entirety of the system. Adjustments are delivered with speed, ease, specificity, and precision fully considering past traumas, injuries, stress, and biomechanical patterns. Message Hands On Health Chiropractic to schedule your appointment or call 732-710-7403.

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