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Everything Heals…. Even Discs.

Spinal Discs are a big topic these days; just ask your family members, I bet a few will tell you that they’ve had herniated or blown discs in their spine.

While many people believe that Disc Injuries are some sort of life-sentence to be tortured periodically, emerging evidence is saying quite the contrary. As a matter of fact, pooled data from eleven studies suggests that 66% of non-surgically managed disc herniations actually heal. Surprisingly some of the most severe injuries, show the most significant changes suggesting that acute imaging studies (MRI and CT) give little information regarding the actual likelihood of healing.

Chiropractic stresses the innate recuperative healing potential of the body, understanding that we are in a constant state of turnover, that our body always seeks to maintain homeostasis, that we do so to the best of our ability given what we have to work with, and that healing occurs as an expression of the same intelligence which has guided our growth and development since conception. Are Spinal Discs some sort of mystic structure that the body can not heal? Of course not, although there are a few special considerations.

  • Spinal Discs in adults do not receive direct blood flow which limits their access to oxygen and nutrients necessary for healing, this is further compounded when the spine is subluxated and not moving optimally.

  • As a result, disc cells take a long time to turn-over and Heal after an injury. Think about it, if we cut ourselves our skin cells turn over in 5-10 days, when we break a bone it requires 4-6 weeks; every type of cell in our body has a predetermined time to turnover and Disc cells take the longest.

  • Most importantly, we can only work with what we’ve got. If we have poor nutrition we may not possess the building blocks needed to restore the relevant tissues. If we have more important issues going on, our body will direct its attention toward them first. Most importantly, if we have subluxations and are not CLEAR, our brain may not accurately perceive our injury, and may not be able to coordinate its healing in the most efficient manner possible.

While spinal disc injuries may change our approach to adjusting the spine, they do not change our objective or our recommendations. Everyone deserves to have a Nervous System which is fully functional and free from interference, and if we wish to live well and heal efficiently, we must be CLEAR, CONNECTED, and WELL ADJUSTED!

Chiropractic Care in Brick, New Jersey

Dr. Tyler C. White specializes in Traditional Chiropractic and various low force approaches to analyze and address areas of altered physiologic tone within the body. This innovative approach is founded on an intimate understanding of the Neuro-Spinal system so it may be addressed from a state of peace and ease allowing the adjustment to be fully integrated throughout the entirety of the system. Adjustments are delivered with speed, ease, specificity, and precision fully considering past traumas, injuries, stress, and biomechanical patterns. Message Hands On Health Chiropractic to schedule your appointment or call 732-710-7403.

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