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Rocking Healthy Living on Vans Warped Tour

Rocking Healthy Living on Vans Warped Tour

On Saturday, I had the privilege and pleasure of returning to Vans Warped Tour to supply services to the people who quite literally, keep the show on the road! Over the last few years this has become an annual meeting, and I’ve got to know a lot of people by seeing them year after year. Being on site always conjures up memories of attending the Warped Tour on long, sweltering, summer days in my youth. Back then, the tour stopped in Asbury Park, and we would spend the entire day pushing through crowds, while bouncing from stage to stage to catch each of our favorite bands.

Now the tour stops at PNC Bank Art Center, and I’ve traded my sweaty cargo shorts for a stage-side dressing room turned impromptu adjusting space. By the time tour snakes its way across America and reaches New Jersey, everyone has spent enough nights on bus-bunks, sweated through more than a few hot days, and are greatly in need of a tune-up; to say the least. From loading boxes to catching crowd surfers, Warped Tour is FULL of stressful situations! We believe that everyone deserves a Nervous System Free and CLEAR from interference for the fullest expression of Health and Life, and on a tour like this it becomes very evident, very quickly when someone is not performing at their best.

The most amazing part is how quickly and intelligently the body responds to getting CLEAR! As the day progressed I had the chance to see some music, and check back with some of the people who got adjusted earlier in the day, and to the surprise of many, positive experiences had already been noted. Fortunately, our Nervous System conducts signals faster than the speed of sound, which means that we begin responding to an adjustment before we may even hear the release. Most astoundingly, this comes not because of a breakthrough new treatment or medication, simply by removing the interference to the way our bodies have been designed to function since our conception.

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Dr. Tyler C. White is committed to providing regular Chiropractic Care in a manner that is accessible to every-body. Since 2009, Dr. Tyler has served thousands of people with varying needs. As a chiropractor, he values understanding, quality, and thoroughness, addressing every individual’s needs in a manner that is both gentle and honoring. Schedule an appointment today and experience the far-reaching benefits of the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience! Contact us at 732-710-7403.

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