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Father’s Day 2017

Getting adjusted can be a lot like becoming a parent. For first-timers there’s a whole bunch of unknowns; What will it be like? How am I going to cope? What’s this going to cost? Will it hurt? How will I know what to do? Well, while one hurts more than the other, both are really all about LIFE!

The transition into parenthood comes as we welcome a new, vital little life into our own. In an instant, we too become reborn; not as children but as parents. Beholding a new life is truly awe-inspiring, when our daughter was born a friend of mine referred to her as, “An Instant Guru.” He’s right, newborns are blank slates, free from judgement, insult, injury, negativity, worry, and completely present in the moment. We try to understand our daughter’s life experience; without knowledge to interpret her life and without expressions to convey her experience. Most simply, in her world people, places, and experiences may be favorable and / or familiar. Despite this seemingly simple existence, babies are very busy. We never express our potential for living more fully than when we’re young! We are born with 100 Billion Neurons, and by age 3 our brain volume more than doubles! They’re a shining exemplification of our inherent design to adapt, grow, and heal for the continued expression of Life.

Ironically, getting adjusted is also all about LIFE! Vitalistic Chiropractic seeks to simply remove the interference, so we can continue to adapt, grow, and heal to the best of our ability regardless of the circumstances. We heal constantly by turning over our 700 Trillion Cells by fulfilling the same processes that our kids do However, our stress, choices, and unique personal histories result in Spinal Subluxations which limit our level of health and our expression of Life. Let’s say we have a subluxation affecting the nerves which control the way our brain regulates our heart rate and rhythm. This doesn’t have to be significant, so instead of 60 BPM we only get 58. At the end of every day we’ve lost over 2800 heartbeats affecting everything from our lungs and brain to our muscles and our immune system. Chiropractic adjustments are like tuning up the car, rebooting the system, and turning up the dimmer switch all at the same time! Olympic athletes don’t get adjusted because they’re in pain, they do so to perform at their very best.

At Hands On Health, we believe that everyone deserves a Clear, Fully Functioning Nervous System. Schedule your appointment to get Turned On and Tuned Up Today!

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