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Consciousness, Clarity, Chris Cornell, & Chiropractic

In the Chiropractic context, we talk about “Being Clear” a lot. We strive to keep our spine Clear so our Nervous System may remain Clear, and Free from the

interference which affects the way our body innately functions. We know that interference may affect how we Feel because a compressed nerve results in a characteristically unpleasant experience, but the ramifications are Far LARGER. Interference changes the way that we express our potential for living! It changes the way we think, act, respond, and over time, it even changes who we are in the life that we lead.

Like many children of the late 80’s and 90’s the news of Chris Cornell’s passing on May 18th came as a surprise. Soundgarden was an influential part of the musical movement that shaped my youth, they permeated pop culture, and his vocal mastery went largely unrivaled in the world of heavy music. In a scenario which feels eerily similar May 18th also marks the passing of my dear friend Bobby J, someone whom I would also come to learn struggled with depression. In the days and weeks following Bob’s passing many of the people who knew him, myself included, replayed the last time(s) we saw him, wondering how no one could have seen that he needed help.

Perhaps more Clarity would have helped one of us realize, maybe if he could have known the way his untimely passing would affect us he would have asked for help to spare us the heartache, or maybe, with Clarity his struggles would have been altogether different.

I believe that by keeping our Nervous System Clear, we inherently become increasingly aware, sensitive, perceptive, and conscious. As we elevate our individual and collective consciousness it is my vision that we become more conscious of the way our actions affect ourselves, others, and the world around us. This is not limited to our spine or even our general health, but our environment, global community, and humanity as a whole.

I’ve come to learn that while the news may be shocking, death shouldn’t come as a surprise; it is life’s only guarantee. But, when people struggle unnecessarily and ultimately pass before their time, the loss is nothing short of tragic. If someone you know or love is struggling, could be healthier, or live their life more fully please support them, listen to them, and urge them to have their spine checked by a Chiropractor! Everyone on the planet deserves a fully functioning Nervous System Free and CLEAR from Interference so we may each fulfill our potential to LIVE, as well as possible, for as long as possible.

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