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What Can I Expect?

At Hands On Health we understand that there’s only one you, and we want your personalized care to reflect that. When you schedule your initial encounter, we will direct you to our intake form which you may print and complete, or do when you arrive. When you arrive, you and Dr. Tyler will review the intake, while discussing your personal history and life experience. Once all questions have been answered, he will perform a thorough evaluation of your spine and the way it moves. Then, as long as you are comfortable, and Dr. Tyler finds no contraindication, you will receive an adjustment in a manner which is gentle, honoring, and appropriate. We like to plan an hour for Initial Encounters, so we have plenty of time to learn all bout you! Subsequent visits will become shorter and routine; you will be greeted by our staff and directed to an adjusting room where Dr. Tyler will check your spine and adjust any subluxations that are present.

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