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Why do Athletes get Adjusted (Opening Day Edition)

It’s no secret that the United States Olympic Team, and nearly every professional sports organization utilizes Chiropractic to keep their players at the top of their game. We’ve seen NBA Players adjusted on the sidelines during a time out, Golfers adjusted on the green, and some of the most elite athletes of our time crediting their exceptional performance to their Chiropractic Care.

Athletes possess an incredibly high level of skill and physical ability, but most activities also require split second reactions, instantaneous adaptations, and highly-coordinated body mechanics to perform in their chosen competitive arena. Regular Chiropractic Care preserves our body’s natural mechanics so athletes and individuals alike can perform smoothly, with minimal “wear and tear” on their joints, muscles, and body as a whole. More importantly, proper Spinal alignment keeps our Nervous System Free of interference so it may function fully. This allows us to evaluate the playing field and respond in a split second as opponents approach and conditions change.

Ready for the best part? You don’t need to be a professional athlete to have your spine checked. At Hands on Health we believe that everyone can benefit from a full functioning Nervous System which is free from interference, even Kids! Did you know that toddlers develop over 6,000 NEW brain-connections a second? Our family gets checked regularly so whether we’re at the TOP of our Game whether we’re competing, playing, studying, growing or simply doing or job!

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