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What do my Nerves do?

Your nerves form a network that connects every piece of your body.

  • Your Body contains over 45 miles of nerves!

Your nerves represent the physical link between your brain and our body.

  • The bottom of your Brain is called the Brain Stem, as it passes from your head and through your neck it becomes your Spinal Cord. Almost every Nerve in your body is an extension of the 31 pairs of Spinal Nerves that branch off from your Spinal Cord.

Your nerves control the way your entire body functions.

  • Your Brain and Body communicate by sending electrical signals along your Nerves.

You experience life through our Nervous System.

  • Every time you stand up, smell something, hold someone’s hand, taste your dinner, or feel the sun on your face; groups of Nerves are carry this information to your Brain where it’s sorted out. This allows you to perceive and understand what’s happening, what it’s called, and how it makes you feel.

You Coordinate life through your Nervous System.

  • Every time your heart beats, you bend over, take a step, chew your food, take a breath, throw a baseball, or digest your lunch; your Brain is sending trillions of signals across your nerves so everything “Works” the way you’d like it to.

Your Nerves let you learn.

  • When you read, hear, see, or experience new things your Nerves carry that information to your Brain where it gets filed away with similar encounters. We know what a Spoon is because when we Feel it and See it through our Nerves, our Brain connects it to a word that we’ve Heard and Learned to associate with it.

Your nerves allow you to create memories.

  • Have you ever remembered the way that something smelled, tasted, or felt like? When your Nerves carry information to your Brain it gets filed away and you “Remember” the things that are New, Different, Pleasurable, Uncomfortable, and engage your nerves in different or repetitive ways.

Your nerves keep you healthy and allow you to LIVE.

  • Your Brain and Nerves control all of your VITAL Functions; Heartbeat, Breathing, Immune System, Digestion, Fluid Balance, Metabolism, Hormone Production, Detoxification, and More. Without these actions, no-body would not be able to Live for very long.

Do you think that you’d be better off if your Nerves are Fully Functioning and Free of Interference?

So Do We!

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