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How can Chiropractic keep me Healthy?

Health is something that we frequently define as the absence of disease or infirmary. Why? Is this really the case? Are we born sick, spending our lives fighting an uphill struggle to keep free of illness?

Or maybe we’ve got it backwards… We commonly define Darkness as the absence of Light. Conversely, Light is not the absence of Darkness. Light is Light! It is an entity, and darkness exists in its absence. But wait a minute, if most of us are born “Healthy” why don’t we believe that Disease develops in the absence health? Our bodies adapt for continued Healthy function to the best of its ability;

  • Depending on your activity your heartbeat changes to meet the demand

  • Depending on your toxicity your body works more or less to get you clean

  • When you get injured your body repairs the damage

…And while these things may occur to varying degrees based on what any given body has to work with, overwhelmingly we adapt to our conditions in order to continue living. So why is Health defined as the absence of disease? Why don’t we consider every vital activity of living as the continued expression and maintenance of a Healthy state of Being?!

I propose that Health be an indicator of how well we’re Living, just like inches are an indicator of how big something is. How well will I defend against the flu? Well, how healthy are you? Are you Rested? Hydrated? Stressed? Is there interference in your Nervous System?

We have little control over the things that we encounter, but we have all the power to assure that our bodies are performing at their very best, and that is a perfect reason to be Regular with Chiropractic Care!

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