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Why Should I See A Chiropractor?

We all have the potential to exist in a state of Health, just like we all have the potential to be happy, sad, excited or angry. Unfortunately, many of us choose not to express this potential for Health, until something unpleasant alerts us. So, let’s think of health not as something that leaves us when we’re ill, but as a bucket which we’ve allowed to be depleted by stress, over time.

Think of this bucket as a vessel, much like our physical body. In this bucket resides our Vital Capacity, all the energy that keeps our engines running. When we make decisions congruent with Living the bucket becomes filled. Good Food, Rest, Hydration, Positive Attitude, Healthy Relationships, and most importantly Regular Chiropractic Care all serve to enhance potential for Living based upon our expression of HEALTH.

Unfortunately, our bucket is not a one-way street; our stress, genetics, and life choices also have the ability to create leaks of varying sizes in the bottom. So, our expression of HEALTH is a dynamic state, something that ebbs and flows as we add and subtract from our vital capacity.

So where does disease come from? Well if we continue to lose more from our bucket than we add, our expression of health decreases… maybe we only express 70% of our potential…. Still pretty good, but not optimal. Maybe at 70% we become a little more susceptible to the germs that someone across the table coughs in our direction. At 50% maybe we develop an intolerance or an inability to handle certain foods. At 20% maybe things like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer become a reality.

As we fail to express our potential for Health, we begin to express our potential for disease. When the bucket runs dry and when we can no longer maintain our existence… we cease to express our potential for living.

Regular chiropractic care is the funnel to our proverbial bucket; when we’re free from interference our vital capacity stays full because we get the most from our Rest, Hydration, Food, and Exercise allowing us to THRIVE despite the unavoidable “Leaks” that life may place on us.

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