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Will Chiropractic Help…?

First, take a moment to consider what Healing is. Quite honestly, Healing occurs when new cells replace old, damaged, or injured ones. How does a cut on your skin Heal? First, the cells form a clot to stop the bleeding, then a scab forms, and eventually it peels off revealing new pink skin cells. The same goes for a broken bone, a growing child, or even a developing fetus! We are in a constant state of cellular production and replenishment; since science is yet to produce a healthy living cell outside of a living system, we must acknowledge that Healing is specific to Living beings.

It would be a bit presumptuous for myself or any practitioner to claim their technique, modality, or medicine will FIX any given ache, pain, or condition. Of course, emergency procedures can close substantial wounds and even reattach amputated appendages, but we shouldn’t equate triage with healing. Even when emergency care is necessary, true Healing only occurs from Above, Down, Inside, Out by creation and recreation of ourselves through the process of cellular regeneration.

Chiropractic works to facilitate this innate process by assuring a CLEAR connection between the Brain and the Body via the Nervous System assuring that we are increasingly conscious of our environment, and that our bodies are continually functioning at their very best!

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