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Chiropractic & Pregnancy

Pregnancy and birth are probably the greatest example of how amazing we really are. I’ve been more, and more in complete and total awe of the miracle of life because my wife, Rebecca, is currently 17 weeks pregnant. Every week as we research what changes are occurring and how our baby is growing, I am reminded that embryological and fetal development occur way beyond our conscious control.

No matter how much we manifest, plan, hope, dream, and wish we have zero control over gender, development, eye color, or which parts of the body will form before others. The truth is, despite our individual differences each and every one of us has followed exactly the same blueprint of development and growth. This Innate mechanism is coded so specifically within our DNA that it happens whether or not we’re even aware of it.

The process begins the instant a sperm fertilizes an egg, in that moment a Life-Force is present and multiple millennia of human history begin replaying as 1 cell divides into 2, and from 2 to 4, and so on. All while being guided by this unseen force, long before most mothers are even aware that it’s happening. This process occurs while mom’s own body is changing to support the implantation of her embryo by developing a placenta, beginning to double her blood supply, and by nourishing the developing baby.

New life is so awesome, and so Innately Intelligent that just two weeks after conception our little embryo had developed clear brain regions, by week 5 its heart had begun beating, and by week seven was producing over 100 brain cells per minute!

So, Why Chiropractic?

Because Chiropractic is about supporting everything that is Innate and Right about us!

Since we only get one opportunity to transition from an embryo into a fetus, pregnancy is an opportune time to receive Chiropractic Care. Keeping free of spinal subluxations and nerve interference allows mom’s and baby’s Innate Intelligence to guide the development of a healthy new human being.

When moms remain well-adjusted through pregnancy their babies are free to move and turn so there are significantly fewer breech babies resulting in less cesarean sections and many women report less nausea, increased comfort throughout their pregnancy, and even shorter labor times while under Regular Chiropractic Care.

Our practice of Chiropractic is unique because we don’t seek to treat discomfort, but to restore and preserve the greatest expression of each and every individual’s innate capacity for optimal Health! Chiropractic acknowledges that our bodies were designed to be self-healing and self-regulating, and that interference with the transmission of information in our nervous system results in miscommunication much like interference does to your cell-phone reception.

I’m excited to share our journey as my wife’s pregnancy progresses, as we revere in the awesome power that resides within us all, and as we welcome our well-adjusted newborn into the Hands on Health community.

Chiropractic Care in Brick, New Jersey

Dr. Tyler C. White specializes in Traditional Chiropractic and various low force approaches to

analyze and address areas of altered physiologic tone within the body. This innovative approach

is founded on an intimate understanding of the Neuro-Spinal system so it may be addressed

from a state of peace and ease allowing the adjustment to be fully integrated throughout the

entirety of the system. Adjustments are delivered with speed, ease, specificity, and precision

fully considering past traumas, injuries, stress, and biomechanical patterns. Message Hands On

Health Chiropractic to schedule your appointment or call 732-710-7403.

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