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Many of us understand that our children are our future, and most parents will do whatever is within their means to assure that their little ones have the greatest possible potential for success. At Hands On Health, we say that when it comes to getting checked for subluxations, kids are our MOST Important Clients!

Let’s start at the beginning; we know that Subluxations form as the result of STRESS. But shouldn’t a child’s life be relatively stress-free? Even though our offspring aren’t worrying about paying bills or making dinner their existence is not devoid of stress. For many of us, it begins with birth. Did you know that average nearly-newborns encounter up to 120 pounds of pressure distributed across their head and neck as they enter the world? Furthermore, the world that a newborn enters is a dramatic departure from the womb that they’ve been inhabiting; there are bright lights, changing temperatures, gravity, and even the need to breathe for themselves.

As children age and mature their stresses become slightly more familiar to us. Most of us would agree that there is a normal degree of bumps and bruises as we grow and develop. Did you know that children fall hundreds of time before they learn to walk? Do you think that these very “normal” tumbles impact and affect they’re developing skeletal system?

Science has confirmed that proper spinal alignment and motion generates a multitude of neurological stimulation affecting multiple parts of the Brain. When subluxations develop and the spine stops moving properly the flow of this information ceases resulting in autonomic nervous system imbalance and the nerves in our body being exposed to undue pressure and irritation. Due to the nature of growth and adolescence, a young person’s rate of cellular turnover is much greater than yours or mine. This means that they have the ability to Heal Faster, Adapt Quicker, and tend to be slightly more pliable while their bodies develop. Essentially kids handle their stress better than adults do largely because their bodies are designed to experience it. Despite this, young people are not immune to the effects of Subluxations. Actually, this is WHY we say that kids are our most important clients.

Health and growth occur through the processes of cellular regeneration and proliferation, both of which are controlled and coordinated by the brain and nervous system, so it is pertinent that these structures remain CLEAR and FREE from interference. By maintaining an accurate flow of information between the brain and the body we give our children the tools to maximize their potential for health, healing, growth, development, maturation, and life.

We only get one opportunity to develop from a child into an adult; why not assure that the process occurs with as little interference as possible? Have your entire family checked for subluxations regularly to assure their continued development and optimal expression of LIFE!

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