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Everyone Benefits from Chiropractic Care - Even Chiropractors!

We strongly believe in making regular chiropractic care a sustainable investment in your future because it’s the same care that we recommend to our friends, families, and especially ourselves. As many of my clients know, I have been a Chiropractic client since birth, and continue to get checked weekly for subluxations to assure my continued development, and to moderate the effects of stress before issues arise.

Some people find Chiropractic as a last resort, others as part of a care-regiment; maybe being referred from another provider, but the true benefits of regular care go far beyond the resolution of numbness, back pain, headaches, or some other condition. While it is true that precise spinal adjustments restore bio-mechanical integrity, increase mobility, reduce inflammation, and help things heal it is important to recognize most issues develop over time and the unpleasant symptom which gets our attention is actually a signal of distress as our body attempts to alert us that something’s wrong.

Chiropractic is really all about the Nervous System. Science tells us that our nerves are responsible for everything that our body does. An inability of any nerve to carry information from the brain to the body is called paralysis, quite literally it means that if a nerve stops working so does that region of the body.

But what happens when a nerve is kind-of working?

What if it’s only conducting 50% of the signal? Would the body work at 50%? What would that be like? How would we know? When we respond to stress of various forms by developing Spinal Subluxations the result is pressure, tension, and irritation to nervous tissue. Whether we realize it or not, this affects the ability of any nerve to carry information, and ultimately affects the way our body will function. That may result in a muscle spasm, a digestive sensitivity, or slightly greater susceptibility to illness. We have no way of telling how or what 1 Vertebral Subluxation may affect, but we know the effects will only increase as time goes on. Inevitably, the reduced function will be perceived as pain, symptom, illness, or disease and we’ll generally seek treatment.

I get checked and adjusted every week whether I have an ache or pain or not. I want to be sure that my body is free of interference and working to continually adapt, heal, and keep me functioning as well as possible for as long as possible.

In many cases the greatest Chiropractic Testimonials are the ones that never get recorded. The Allergies that never develop, the Illness that never occurs, and all the Healthy Kids who grow and develop without interference; just as they were intended to.

Chiropractic Care in Brick, New Jersey

Dr. Tyler C. White specializes in Traditional Chiropractic and various low force approaches to

analyze and address areas of altered physiologic tone within the body. This innovative approach

is founded on an intimate understanding of the Neuro-Spinal system so it may be addressed

from a state of peace and ease allowing the adjustment to be fully integrated throughout the entirety of the system. Adjustments are delivered with speed, ease, specificity, and precision

fully considering past traumas, injuries, stress, and biomechanical patterns. Message Hands On

Health Chiropractic to schedule your appointment or call 732-710-7403.

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