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You Can Heal the Symptom, but NOT Affect the Cause.

We all know about symptoms...Symptoms are the things that make us feel crumby right? Sometimes they’re perceived as being Painful, Feverish, Digestive, Swollen, Tingling, Weak, or in many other ways.

As Americans we propagate two BIG misconceptions when it comes to the things that make us feel, well... sick.

  1. The negative ache, pain, sniffle, sneeze, or symptom must be the problem.

  2. When the symptom clears up we're all better, and back to business as usual.

More often than not, that negative symptom is NOT the problem, but is our body's best attempt at expressing the issue to get our attention. In some cases the things that "Feel Bad" are actually the result of our bodies working to Keep Us Functioning Properly!

Let's look at a few examples.

  • PAIN: We all know it because most of us have experienced it. However, even PAIN has a Purpose! It keeps us from doing more damage to ourselves. It sounds an alarm so we can rest, and HEAL just like the Smoke Alarm in your home alerts you to the presence of an issue before it's too late. What do you do when the alarm sounds? Do you remove the Battery? Or would you look for the source of the smoke? Treating Pain, is much like removing the battery, it allows us to ignore the alarm and keep doing damage until the Pain-Flames get so BIG they're unavoidable.

  • Swelling: Much like pain, swelling has a purpose. It draws extra blood and nutrients into an injured area to promote Healing, while limiting motion to prevent further damage. Many times Joint-Swelling acts just like an Innate Splint. If we choose to "treat" swelling we may allow ourselves to "Feel" better, but pain relievers will not repair the instability or injuries for which the inflammatory response was initiated.

  • Fever: Fevers also serve a multitude of physiological functions. By turning up our internal thermostat our bodies are able to kill off invading Bacteria & Viruses. Fever's also increase Red Blood Cell and Immune Cell Production to help us Fight off an Infection. Fevers even limit the availability of Iron which invading bacteria need to replicate.

The practice of Chiropractic is unique in its approach because a Chiropractic Adjustment was not designed to Treat or Alleviate any symptom(s). More importantly, the purpose of a Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment is simply to support the body's natural mechanisms of healing by keeping the Nervous System Clear so the brain may receive accurate, timely information about the state of the being, and so the body may receive clear orders how to function.

The BEST time to get checked and adjusted may be when you're expressing symptoms. What better time is there to assure that you’re Functioning at your best than when your body's working harder than normal to HEAL.

Wouldn't you tune up the car if it were sputtering and dropping fluids on the road?

Get Checked, Live Clear, BE WELL!

Chiropractic Care in Brick, New Jersey

Dr. Tyler C. White specializes in Traditional Chiropractic and various low force approaches to

analyze and address areas of altered physiologic tone within the body. This innovative approach

is founded on an intimate understanding of the Neuro-Spinal system so it may be addressed

from a state of peace and ease allowing the adjustment to be fully integrated throughout the

entirety of the system. Adjustments are delivered with speed, ease, specificity, and precision

fully considering past traumas, injuries, stress, and biomechanical patterns. Message Hands On

Health Chiropractic to schedule your appointment or call 732-710-7403.

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