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What’s In A Nerve?

Updated: Mar 8

A nerve cell

Every few seconds in every day of our lifetime, tens of billions of sensory messages travel as electrochemical impulses along the slender branches of the human nerve system. They make their way to communication headquarters in the Central Nervous System; the Brain, and Spinal Cord. Fifty to One Hundred Billion nerve cells, or neurons act as information specialists. Each receive a message on branching arms called dendrites and send signals via a single nerve fiber, or axon. These fibers often form cables that bring information about the world in and around us from sensory receptors or carry commands to our muscles, glands, and organs.

Most Nerve Fibers are sheathed in myelin, which forms an outer covering. Myelin acts as an insulator and allows the nerve impulses to move faster – up to 290 miles per hour along the 3-foot sections of the sciatic nerve! Regular adjustments assure that all these mental impulses travel without interference so the body may function better, heal better, and demonstrate a higher potential for Life!

Dr. Tyler C. White, Chiropractor, located in Brick, NJ

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