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Hands On Health COVID-19

To honor the trust our clients place in us, Hands On Health has implemented a rigorous COVID-19 compliance plan to keep individuals safe and mitigate all risks of exposure and transmission. As a Vitalistic Chiropractor, Dr. Tyler emphasizes the value and importance of regular chiropractic care, especially in high-stress times. Hands On Hands has maintained stringent procedures to ensure that every-body who enters the office can continue to receive an exceptional chiropractic experience with peace of mind.

Scheduling, Appointments and Arrival:

  • All members are screened for risk factors

  • To minimize community contact we are asking all members to text us upon arrival and wait in their cars. We will let you know when we’re ready, once the previous member has left, and the space has been adequately sanitized to CDC standards with an approved disinfectant.

What you can Expect:

“Each time I come in for an adjustment, I continue to be impressed with the attention and detail that Dr. Tyler is paying to cleanliness. His entire protocol is excellent, from checking in on arrival, to contact precautions and surface hygiene, to the adjustment itself. I feel confident with each visit that serious attention is being paid to ensuring that the environment is safe and protective against infection risk.”

-- Anthony D., MPH, MA, RDN, CPH

Instructor of Health Sciences - Stockton University 

Vice President of Nutrition - WellStart Health, Inc

Certified in Public Health - National Board of Public Health Examiners 

For more information, watch a detailed video on the Hands On Health COVID-19 Procedures.

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