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Are You Healing? Or Are You Just Suppressing Disease?

Updated: Feb 6

A quote about healing stating: Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe."

Anyone who has ever eaten an aspirin certainly knows that there is a big difference between pain relief and being healthy enough to promote true healing. Even though painkillers may help you "feel better" it is widely understood that this relief does not necessarily mean anything has been cured or that any healing has actually taken place. I am continually astounded by how many people truly believe their various drugs and conventional approaches have performed some type of miracle by providing short-term relief of pain or discomfort. Little do they know that when a drug works, it may be at the cost of suppressing the body's natural response to the disease, thereby creating a much more serious physical and/or mental state of being. Although antibiotics and other drugs may be an exception to this general observation, getting rid of an infection will not influence the immune factors that led an individual to become susceptible in the first place. In fact, antibiotics are known to disrupt one`s inner ecology, disturbing many biological processes such as the assimilation of nutrients, and antibiotics may even make us more susceptible to new infections. Painkillers, on the other hand, may provide a great reduction in discomfort, but in addition to suppressing the body’s normal function this relief may result in a person continuing to walk on an injured ankle, exacerbating the injury, all while feeling the numbing effects of the pharmaceutical industry. A person with arthritis, may continually find relief by taking one or more painkilling drugs which may contribute to new, unique issues like increased tolerance, addiction, or pathology, all of which will lead to more serious health problems.

Suppressing Symptoms or Healing?

What people don't understand is that there may be a danger in the frequent or recurrent application of treatments to suppress symptoms. The concept of suppressing symptoms is well accepted and understood in psychology. It is commonly observed when a person suppresses his or her emotions, such actions tend to push the emotional turmoil deeper, leading the individual to explode at some future time (often at people who are not directly related to the origin of the person`s problem). While people may be familiar with these problems, people are generally unfamiliar with the possibility that conventional treatments can suppress their physical symptoms, driving the disease in deeper. Despite this truth, suppression of disease has become commonplace in medicine and most is minimized, if acknowledged at all. Doctors and drug companies tend to minimize the real problems of suppressing disease by referring to "side effects" of a given drug, yet, pharmacologists commonly note that the delineation of a drug`s "Direct Effects" and its "Side Effects" are completely arbitrary. Both pose direct effects on the human body and the health of the person within it. Ironically, many conventional drugs are touted specifically for their ability to suppress symptoms or even suppress the body's own immune system. Ultimately, pushing disease deeper into the person as a result. What we fail to consider is that these symptoms are the natural defensive functions of the body, and suppression of disease, while it may provide some semblance of benefit, ultimately allows the individual to become much sicker. Such suppression of the disease process may lead to increased chronic disease, immune dysfunction, and mental illness, all of which have become seen in epidemic proportions in our elderly populations. As a Chiropractor, I recognize that true healing comes from within each of us. Our bodies are constantly regenerating themselves. Did you know that you make 2.5 million Red Blood Cells every second? We're all familiar with the fact that we replace skin cells and hair regularly, but that is happening on a deeper level every second of our lives.

The bottom line is that the healthier we are the better all of these processes, and countless others, can be carried out. It is only after we reach a state disrepair that physical signs and symptoms begin to develop and illness ensues, it is at this point that most people feel something is wrong or that they've "Lost" their health! The reality however is quite the contrary; the body becomes ill when the balance shifts from regeneration and healing to degeneration and biological decay. We need very few things to maintain our Health; Rest, Good Water, Nutrient Packed Foods, and most importantly a Clear Fully Functional Nervous System because while there are many contributing factors to the cause of disease there is only 1 leading cause of LIFE; a CLEAR Brain-Body Connection!

Dr. Tyler C. White, Chiropractor, located in Brick, NJ

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