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Why Does Chiropractic Work?

Many people seek Chiropractic care because they’ve been told it can help them, but without telling them Why we’re only giving them half the story….

Chiropractic “Works” because proper spinal alignment allows our body to perform as it was intended to. Vitalistic Chiropractors allow the body’s Innate Intelligence to coordinate the function of our incredibly complex systems.

Have you ever considered how your body works?

  • How did you develop?

  • How do you heal?

  • How does your body know how to digest and eliminate food?

  • How does our Immune System identify and eliminate threats?

If our genetics hold the blueprint for our Life, our Innate Intelligence is like the builder who reads it, the carpenter who sets the floor plan, and the designer who chooses which shade to paint the walls.

For example: if we live in a colder climate our Innate Intelligence may express our genes for a body type that stores a little bit of extra energy to insulate us.

The purpose of our Innate Intelligence is to Adapt to the world around us so we may continue to exist. The goal of Chiropractic is to make sure that we’re able to do so. Chiropractic “Works” because it only seeks to remove interference to the way our bodies have functioned for millions of years!

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